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Simple As That Cover

Simple As That

By: Lisa Wenger | Format: Audio CD

Lisa's Latest Release - "Play it, relax, and enjoy every breath you take. Hear it while you watch the water, sun, and the moon. Dance to it while you close your eyes and hear the birds in the trees, the wind, and the sound of your friends laughing and smiling with the taste of a cold beverage. Be well and come see me soon." - Love, Lisa


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Price: $20.00

Publicly Raw Cover

Publicly Raw

By: Lisa Wenger | Format: Audio CD

Lisa's Well-Received 2010 Release: Publicly Raw


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Price: $10.00

Can't Stop The Girl Cover

Can't Stop The Girl

By: Lisa Wenger | Format: Audio CD

This album is the culmination of Lisa’s hard work, determination and talent. Backed by The Lisa Wenger Band and joined by special guests, Lisa showcases her style while paying homage to some of the inspiring artists and people in her life who have made her the singer she is.


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Price: $15.00

Lisa Wenger Collection Cover

Lisa Wenger Collection

By: Lisa Wenger | Format: Audio CD

All Three of Lisa's recent releases is one convient package


Price: $40.00