Simple As That Cover

Simple As That

By: Lisa Wenger | Format: Audio CD

Lisa's Latest Release - "Play it, relax, and enjoy every breath you take. Hear it while you watch the water, sun, and the moon. Dance to it while you close your eyes and hear the birds in the trees, the wind, and the sound of your friends laughing and smiling with the taste of a cold beverage. Be well and come see me soon." - Love, Lisa

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Track Name
  1 Don't Leave Poor Me
  2 Simple As That
  3 Mailbox Blues
  4 Pale Moon
  5 Mercury Blues
  6 Hound Dog
  7 Heart-O-Matic Love
  8 I'm Your Puppet
  9 Mother's Love
  10 Rocket in My Pocket
  11 Bigger Than the Both of Us
Lisa Wenger has the type of personality that lights up every room she walks into. It is also the same light she brings with her when she walks onto the stage. She transfers that positive energy to the crowd. I know because I have sat back and watched the magic. One of the things I do as a writer/photographer is watch people's rwaction to the music, visually and sonically. That is the difference between listening and taking pictures. I fo both. So does Lisa Wenger. She can sing and she can entertain the crowd; she gets them involved. She connects andkeeps them connected. Just like her New CD "Simple As That". I have listed to if a few times. Once while wrapping Christmas presents and I found myself taking a break, (and we all know how tough wrapping presents can be especially if you're not good at it), leaning back and soaking it in. I don't analyze songs, I analyze how I feel while listening to Lisa's effort; it's as simple as that. Music doesn't have to be complicated to be good. Lisa surrounds herself with some of the top musicians Minnesota has to offer. All of them are cool cats. Her husband, Billy Larson, (who is a top flight musician himself: Vintage Raggs), gives Lisa a helping hand along with Bruce and Larry McCabe, Jeremy Johnson, David Eiland, Phil Schmid, Jeff Regers, Paul Mayasich, John Wright, Tim Wick, Scottie Miller, Poncho Lopez, Brian Gallagher, Larry Wiegend, Andy Boteman, John Franken, Bill Black and Victo Span. These folks don't show up by accident; they show because they believe in Lisa and her musci. Lisa Wenger and Billy Larson are the genuine article and so is this CD. - Review By Gary Eckhart